Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Update: from Egg to Babies

Hi!  I apologize for my absence, there's been so much going on...baby bluebirds and the basketball tournament!  It's truly been MARCH MADNESS at my house! 

I think the best way to bring you up to date is to post a timeline:

The bluebirds started building their nest in my bluebird house on March 7th and finished around the 10th.  The 

The eggs started hatching on 4/1/19 at about 2pm and finished hatching on 4/3/19.  I’m sad to report that one egg did not hatch.  The egg was disposed of by the mother.

The babies are 8 days old and they’re starting to get their feathers and open their eyes. 

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Bluebird Mania is back!

I’m very excited to announce that the bluebirds have started building their nest! I'm especially excited because my husband gave me a bird house cam this past Christmas! Now we can see inside the house and watch the baby birds hatch!  I will be posting pics and videos to keep everyone updated on our new bluebird family! 

Last Thursday, we noticed there was a lot of activity and lots of materials on the ground underneath the house. The male bluebird had been taking nesting materials into the bird house. It rained on Friday and all day yesterday, but that didn't stop them from working on the nest.  Today, it's been sunny and dry and the momma bird has been working very diligently on the nest. I think the nest will be complete today and she may possibly start laying eggs in a few days. Below is a short video of momma building her nest.    

You still have time to get a bluebird house and put it up! I bought mine at Lowe's and they cost about $15.00. Be sure to purchase some dried mealworms. You'll need some treats to attract them to your yard. 

I hope you're excited about the spring weather and the rebirth of plants and living things around us. Check my blog for updates and let me know if you have bluebirds in your yard!

Spring is a very exciting time of year!  
Get out and enjoy the fresh air!

Friday, January 18, 2019

Most important time of the year!

Hi there!  It's the most important time of the year for bird feeding! It's winter...and my favorite time of year! I like winter for two reasons, winter clothes and I love winter birds!  The winter birds need us to help nourish them through the winter months! Yesterday, I visited my favorite store, "Wild Birds Unlimited"!  (I absolutely love shopping there! You really need to visit your local shop.)  I bought a couple of suet cakes. Suet is especially important in the winter months.  It is a quick source of heat and energy for birds.  You can find suet cakes at grocery stores, hardware stores, and anywhere that sells bird seed.   Don't forget to add a suet cake to your yard!  The birds will 'thank you'!  

Leave me a comment or picture and let me know how you're helping your backyard birds through the winter! I'd love to hear from you! Stay warm!🐦

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Bluebird Mania!

I think it's official....we have bluebird mania
We’ve had one successful brood and they fledged. Then, the parents rebuilt a nest and laid five more eggs! We are now waiting for the second brood to hatch.

Meanwhile, some of the fledglings have been spotted at our feeders!  It's very hard to determine if all the babies are coming back or just a few. Here are a few pics of the dahlings!

The second round of eggs have been laid! The last egg was laid on Saturday, May 12th. The incubation period has started and will last 12-14 days. I'm hoping all goes well and we'll have another healthy brood of babies in about two weeks.

Be sure to check back for updates on our
second round of babies!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Five Happy & Healthy Baby Bluebirds!

Two weeks ago, the bluebird eggs hatched and we welcomed five new baby bluebirds to this wonderful world! Sorry it's taken so long for me to post this great news!  Here are some pics to bring you up to date. Don't forget to follow me on Facebook for quicker updates. 


I'm not ready for these little guys to fledge.  But, I know the day is coming! I'll keep you posted through my heartache.


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Lovin' my Bluebirds!

Hello friends! So much has happened since my last post! The Bluebird nest was completed while we were on vacation. Below is how it looked right before we left for a week. It's a very nice looking nest...if you ask me!

We got back from vacation last Monday.  I was hoping she would wait until we came back to start laying her eggs...and she did!  She laid her first egg last Thursday. On Friday, my husband checked the bird box and he didn't see anything. However, when he positioned his phone farther in the box to snap a pic....there were two eggs! Then, Saturday she laid a third egg and today, the fourth egg!  My husband thinks she'll lay a total of five eggs but, I think she'll lay seven! She's eating well and they are watching the nest closely like good parents. I'll keep you updated!

Now, for a little bit about our vacation. We took a trip to Houston to visit friends and go to the rodeo. It was a lot of fun! We saw Keith Urban & Garth Brooks play at the rodeo!  This was my husbands first time to Houston & he really like it....except for the traffic. We stayed at our friend's home in Galveston. It was beautiful! Time was short so we didn't do much birding. But, my friends took us to a well kept secret place that had Peacocks! There are beautiful! The Peacocks were very friendly and were not modest at all!  The males were showing off their beautiful feather tails, known as a "train".  Below are just a few of the hundred pics that I took of them! I'd like to go back to Galveston and attend one of their awesome birding events!

We had a great time in Texas!
Great time, Great food, & Great friends!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Nest Watching

Day 1 of Nest Building 3/07/18 
This week has been a busy week! The bluebirds started building their nest on Wednesday, March 7! I spotted the female going in the bird box with pieces of straw.  On Thursday, there were pieces hanging out of the nest box! So we knew there was some building going on. When my husband went home for lunch, he checked the box and sent me the first pic of the nest! That night we were able to start the official "Nest Watch" on https://nestwatch.org/  Anytime, you find a nest and commit to watching it - you should send your observations to The Cornell Lab of Orinthology. You can become a "citizen scientist" and your data will helpthem track trends in birds including when they nest, how many eggs laid,  how many hatched, and how many survived.  This is a nationwide tracking status. They study the current conditions of the bird population and how it changes. There is so much interesting information on this site. I highly recommend reading it even if you haven't found a nest yet. You'll be ready for when you do!

Now back to BackerNest1 (that's what I've called it).  On Saturday morning, I was able to spend a few hours observing and the female was super busy! Apparently, "The Hustle is Real"!  She is ready to get this nest built and lay some eggs!  This momma ain't messin' around!

She went back and forth with straw bits and pieces....and then she showed up with a beak full! I was excited to get a few pics of her hardwork!

Lastnight, we had quite a bit of rain so this Sunday morning wasn't quite as productive. Maybe due to the wet nesting materials. But, I did see some building going on.  She should have the nest completed possibly tomorrow and then will start laying her eggs shortly after. Bluebirds lay one egg a day and usually will lay 5-7 eggs.  I will keep you posted. 

Don't forget to check out my Facebook page and Twitter for recent updates.  Thank you for following me & the birds!