Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Great Backyard Bird Count starts tomorrow!

Are you ready? It's time for the "Great Backyard Bird Count" February 16th - 18th! 
I’ve posted a few helpful tips for counting and a video to get you excited about counting! 

Tips for Counting: 
  • Count for at least 15 mins. but you can count for as long as you'd like - just be sure to record how long you counted. 
  • If you're watching your backyard and you see three Cardinals, then five Cardinals, then two Cardinals, you would report them as five Cardinals, not ten.
  • Recording your Count - make a separate count sheet for each day that you count. You need a separate count sheet for each location that you count (even if it's the same day). You can submit multiple count sheets on the same day from the same location if the two counts were at different times. For instance, early morning and late afternoon.
  •  After you've finished counting and ready to turn in your results, go to the Great Backyard Bird Count website at and click "Submit Observations" on the homepage.
  • If this is your first time participating, you'll need to create a free GBBC account and follow directions to record your count.
  • Below is a link for a complete and printable check list for counting.
I hope you have great weather for counting! Check back this weekend, I'll be posting my results and pictures! I'm hoping for some bluebirds! Enjoy the weekend & happy birding! 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Welcome February!

Can you believe it...February is here! There are so many things going on this month! 
  • Bluebird Houses 
  • The Great Backyard Bird Count 
  • The Olympics
  • Valentines Day (for the love birds!💕)

Today, we hung our Bluebird House! I'm pretty excited about it! This is our first bluebird house. We had bluebirds a few years ago but, last year we didn't see very many. So, I'm going to try to attract them back to our yard by providing them a home!  I've been reading and mealworms seem to be their 'go to' snacks! I'm going to pick some up tomorrow. If you have any tips on attracting bluebirds to your yard, please feel free to post them here. I'll also keep you updated on what I find works best. 


🐦  The Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC)

The GBBC starts next weekend, February 16-19, 2018!  Please participate in this! It's a lot of fun and you can watch for only a few minutes or for as many hours as you'd like!  Scientist and bird enthusiasts can learn a lot by knowing where birds are. Learn more about the GBBC by clicking on the links below. I'll be posting my results next week! I'm blocking off a few hours to watch my yard and possible sight a few new birds!


❤ Happy Valentines Day! 

Don't forget...this Wednesday is Valentines Day! I hope everyone has a sweet Valentines Day! 💕
My niece called me to tell me that she is making a Valentine Box with bluebirds on it! Olivia is in the 4th grade and their school mascot is the bluebird! I couldn't imagine how she was going to pull this off...but she never ceases to amaze me! She sent me a picture and my mind was blown! They even made the pom poms they used for the tree and bluebirds! She is super creative! This is just incredible! 


2018 Pyeong Change Winter Olympics

Don't forget to tune in to the Winter games! 
I love to watch the Olympics! My favorite is figure skating and snow boarding! 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Snow Day in Memphis

This morning, Memphis woke up to freezing rain and by mid-morning it was snowing.  The sleet was dreary but the snow was beautiful!  I always like at least one good snow day every year.  My favorite snow days are when you wake up to a blanket of snow. 

When I woke up this morning, there was freezing rain and I thought "I can make it to work".... but, after I got ready, made my coffee, and went out to my was a block of ice! I defrosted and headed out but didn't make it far before my tires started spinning on the ice! I thought...."I'm not getting out in this mess!"  The news said it was going to continue for several hours and then start snowing. Yep, that sounds like a traffic mess to me!

By this time, it started getting light outside and I heard the chirping! I went outside to make sure all the feeders were full and then the feeding frenzy began!  There were birds everywhere! I think my yard is like a "Cracker Barrel" for birds! I grabbed my camera and started snapping pictures. I'll just share a few. The brightness of the snow makes their feather seem more brilliant. I just love "snow bird" pics!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

It's a New Year!

Happy 2018 everyone! Sorry I've been absent the last part of 2017. There was so much going on...I started a new job, a kid off to college, my dad recovering from surgery, and of course...the holidays! I am so very thankful for the people in my life! I love my family & friends! I will admit that I have neglected my birds a little...but, it's a new year and my favorite time of year...I love the winter birds!  Their food sources are limited in the frigid temperatures so they rely more on us during the winter months. It's important to keep your feeders clean and full! Which is the topic of my first post of the year! 

I purchased this Lantern feeder at Lowes.
Highly recommend for attracting smaller birds
Speaking of feeders...I've added this new lantern feeder to my patio area and I love it! It's so easy to fill! The top lifts by sliding up which makes for easy filling and slides back down! It's so decorative and functional! I have noticed that mostly the smaller birds like it the best. Mostly, the finches and chickadees.  I think the edges may be too small for Cardinals.  It seems to be a tight squeeze from where they perch and where the food dispenses. I do like that it keeps the seed dry. By adding this to my yard, maybe the smaller birds will use this feeder and let the cardinals use the platform feeder. I always prefer to get feeders that are easy to fill and easy to clean! Simply clean your feeders using soap and water. Don't use any cleaners that will be harmful to the birds.

Speaking of seed...I've made a switch from my favorite Deluxe blend made by the National Audubon Society to their Signature Harvest Cherry blend.  So far, the birds are liking it. I just wanted to give them a change from what I've usually put out for them.  I intend on going back to the deluxe blend after this bag but I thought I would see if this new blend would attract any different types birds to my yard.  

If you're not familiar with my favorite blend, it's the Deluxe blend made by the National Audubon Society.  You might wonder what is so special about the National Audubon Society's blend or maybe you think I'm just paying for the name.  But, I can assure you it's worth it to pay a little more for this bird seed!  There are a lot less filler seeds that a lot of companies put in their blends. The birds just chunk this filler seed out of the feeders and onto the ground making a mess. I purchased a bag of the "Garden Treasures" brand one time and I won't buy that again! It sat in my feeders for quite some time....the birds did not like it! I went back to the Audubon Society and the birds couldn't get enough!

Speaking of water, it's always good to provide a water source in your yard. I have a bird bath but it's frozen right now. I'm adding a heated bird bath to my 'Ta-Da List'! 

Today, I caught a male American Goldfinch fledgling at my feeder.  The males are a brilliant yellow and shiny black in the summer months but in the winter months they molt. Molt is the process of feather replacement. In the spring they will transform into a bright yellow plumage. The new harvest cherry seed blend does include the Nyger seed which attracts gold finches.  I don't think the deluxe blend has nyger seed. I was quite excited to see the golf finch today!

I'm looking forward to 2018!
I have a lot planned for this year including some giveaways!

Get your yards and feeders ready!

Be sure to share your stories 
share my blog!

Don't forget.....
"There's nothing sweeter than a feeder!"


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Great News!! We have newborn baby Robins!

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a nest in one of our trees. I hadn't noticed much activity in the nest so, I left it alone. Today, I checked the nest and there were two baby birds poking their heads up! They are brand new babies because their eyes aren't even open yet!

I wasn't sure what kind of birds they were at first and then the Momma showed up to feed them!  I'm happy to announce that we have baby Robins! I'm not sure how many there are in the nest. I only saw two little heads today.  But, I'll be watching them and posting updates so, please check back soon!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Unexpected Roof-top Visitor!

About a week ago, I came across this post from one of my friends in Texas! A bald eagle landed on their roof top! What are the chances of that happening?! 

They live west of Houston and their neighbors had alerted them of their special visitor. It stayed long enough for them to snap a few pictures before it was on its way. What a wonderful surprise on a Sunday afternoon!

They always say...
"When a Cardinal visits your yard, it's a visitor from Heaven." 
So what does it mean when an Eagle visits your yard?! I think it's a blessing! They are very blessed!
Thank you for letting me share, Roy & Cindy!

Have you ever seen a bald eagle in the wild? If so, I'd love to hear about it! Leave me a comment with the details. Thanks!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Hummingbird Haven

Today was cloudy and rainy but my feeders were busy! Which I love! My favorites today were the hummingbirds! Since I've added a few more feeders to the yard and I've started making my own nectar it seems like we are attracting a more hummingbirds. Last year, one little guy was so territorial that I'd never see more than one hummingbird at the same feeder. But, today I got a picture of a male and female ruby throated hummingbirds at the same feeder! It was awesome!

Two at one feeder was a first! I hope it's a sign and maybe more hummingbirds will come to my hummingbird haven!

I saw an article on Facebook today that mentioned again how the red nectar is not good for them. So, if you'd like to make your own nectar. It's very simple and inexpensive:
Mix 1 Cup Sugar to 4 Cups Hot Water. Let the sugar dissolve & the water cool.

Be sure to keep your feeders clean! Hummingbird nectar needs to be changed every three days or at least before it gets cloudy. Hummingbirds can get a fungus that affects their tongues and makes it hard for them to eat. It can cause them to breath very heavy and eventually they could die. So, please keep your feeders clean for our little friends.

I'm so pleased with the placement of my feeders and my new nectar. I sat outside all afternoon just snapping pictures. I love watching them. I just wish I knew where their nest is and if we'll have some new hummingbirds soon. We'll just have to wait and watch.  I have a good feeling about this summer.