Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hummingbird clip

I finally got a decent clip of a hummingbird at my feeder! I'm still not sure what kind of hummingbird yet, but I was super excited to catch him so close. Luckily he stayed longer than I expected and I was able to get pretty good footage.  I shot it in 'slo-mo' on my phone and it's really cool to watch - however, it won't play in slo-mo here. Sorry.

Oh Snap! - Pics from Texas!

Marcy (my friend) in Texas sent some awesome pics of a flock of birds feasting on the beach! She said that someone dumped a bunch of fish and the birds are having a part-ayyyy! It looks like a beautiful evening in Galveston and it is one of the top locations for birding! Thanks for the pics, Marcy!