Sunday, January 8, 2017

Friday was a Snow Day In Memphis

This past Friday morning, the snow started falling around 4am and it was coming down pretty heavy! It actually covered the ground and roadways causing me to rethink the
drive in to work. The roads get really slick here and a lot of roads were closed. Therefore, I kept the news on and followed the major snow event most all day!

I have to say that it was hard to stay out of the window! Besides the beautiful sight of snow falling....the birds  were quite a sight to see! I think I counted eight Cardinals in my yard at one time! There were Cardinals, a Junco, a couple Titmice, a few Chickadees and a Sparrow.  However, the show stoppers were the Cardinals! The male Cardinals especially! Their red feathers looks so incredibly bright against the snow on the ground. I must have snapped at least a hundred pics! 

I couldn't stop! I remember saying out loud...."I have to get away from this window!"  They were just so beautiful! The temperatures are supposed to be in the 20s tonight so, the snow may stick around a few more days. I love watching the winter birds! Here are a few pics from the snow day! Enjoy!

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