Sunday, March 25, 2018

Lovin' my Bluebirds!

Hello friends! So much has happened since my last post! The Bluebird nest was completed while we were on vacation. Below is how it looked right before we left for a week. It's a very nice looking nest...if you ask me!

We got back from vacation last Monday.  I was hoping she would wait until we came back to start laying her eggs...and she did!  She laid her first egg last Thursday. On Friday, my husband checked the bird box and he didn't see anything. However, when he positioned his phone farther in the box to snap a pic....there were two eggs! Then, Saturday she laid a third egg and today, the fourth egg!  My husband thinks she'll lay a total of five eggs but, I think she'll lay seven! She's eating well and they are watching the nest closely like good parents. I'll keep you updated!

Now, for a little bit about our vacation. We took a trip to Houston to visit friends and go to the rodeo. It was a lot of fun! We saw Keith Urban & Garth Brooks play at the rodeo!  This was my husbands first time to Houston & he really like it....except for the traffic. We stayed at our friend's home in Galveston. It was beautiful! Time was short so we didn't do much birding. But, my friends took us to a well kept secret place that had Peacocks! There are beautiful! The Peacocks were very friendly and were not modest at all!  The males were showing off their beautiful feather tails, known as a "train".  Below are just a few of the hundred pics that I took of them! I'd like to go back to Galveston and attend one of their awesome birding events!

We had a great time in Texas!
Great time, Great food, & Great friends!

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