Sunday, March 6, 2016

Our future Billion Dollar Birdfeeder Business!

Yesterday, we committed the whole day to working on our newest project.....bird feeders!  We are making custom bird feeders out of whatever cute stuff we find including wine bottles! The hardest part of the wine bottle feeders is drilling the glass!  So, that's where my husband comes in the picture!  This was the first time that he's drilled glass and he did it! First time and didn't fracture the glass at all!  We heard that it's a little tricky and yes, it takes a lot of patience! That's why he's doing it and not me! I'd probably break bottles right & left! It did take quite a while to drill one hole.  So, I'm not sure how many wine bottle feeders we'll have ready for the show but, we're going to do as many done as possible. I told him we probably need to drink a bottle every other night for next few weeks! He said how about you go ask some restaurants for their empty bottles! Yeah, I guess that would work! Here's a few pics from yesterday. I figured I should post some pics to give him credit because this is the hardest part of the project. He deserves a big 'thank you' for his expert work!


Later in the day, we took a break from drilling to take some marketing pics and see if the birds like my first feeder!  It turned out awesome! Bonnie & Clyde showed up to pose for pics with the feeder! They are super models!  Clyde showed up way before dark so his pics came out the best.  Bonnie came right at dusk so her pics were too dark. To be honest, I think Clyde hogged the feeder a little too long! He doesn't dine well with others.

This is my first feeder that started my big idea
of selling custom bird feeders.

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