Monday, March 21, 2016

Red-bellied Woodpecker

  We got mail! A reader sent in these awesome pics of a red-bellied woodpecker!!! Madison spotted the red-bellied woodpecker while hiking a trail in Missouri! I haven't spotted any woodpeckers yet so, this is so awesome! 
I do have a little confession, Madison isn't just any reader....she's my 16 yr old niece! I was excited when she told me to check my email because she was sending me a surprise!  These pics made my night! She has a really nice camera that she got for Christmas and she takes wonderful pictures! She has a very good eye and captures beautiful moments in her pictures! I'll have to send her a feeder so she can start snapping pics right in her backyard!

Picture by Madi
Picture by Madi

Here's an interesting fact about the red-bellied woodpecker: they are attracted to noises that resonate. The male will tap loudly on metal gutters, aluminum roofs and even vehicles to attract a mate. Wow, that sounds annoying! I bet the females are like...."Okay, we hear you! You wanna date, we get it! Now show me why I should pick you!"

Thank you, Madi! I love that my family supports my bird addiction! Actually, bird watching is a very popular hobby among people of all ages!

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