Saturday, May 21, 2016

Relaxing on a Friday Nite!

Lastnight, we sat on the porch after dinner and enjoyed watching the bird show! After a long week, this is what we like to do.  We have a glass of wine, talk, and watch the birdies! (We laugh because depending on how many glasses of wine we have...we may really start seeing new birds!) Anyway, we did catch a few glimpses of a hummingbird...finally! I wondered when they would officially start showing up and even though it seems a bit late...they are starting to show up more frequently.  They are a challenge for Jeff to snap a picture of though.  Everytime he reaches for the would fly off. 

Below are a couple of pics of a female cardinal. I love the branch that curves down and makes a sort of perch.  They seem to like to sit on that branch and pose for the camera.

We also saw a Downy Woodpecker lastnight.  So now, we've spotted two different woodpeckers at our suet feeder. Legend has it that the red patch on the head of the male Downy Woodpecker inspired legends with many Native America Tribes across the United States, from being a fire detective to bearer of a warrior's badge or courage. This small bird has been a symbol of bravery and hard work. He's definitely fun 
to watch!

Today is a really pretty day so, I'll be watching and trying to snap some awesome pics! Don't forget to visit my Etsy shop and pick up a feeder so you can start your bird watching experience! It's so much fun for all ages! Have a super Saturday!

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