Sunday, May 21, 2017

A drop of yellow sunshine

This afternoon, we had a few drops of yellow sunshine in our yard....a couple of American Gold Finches! They are so bright and beautiful! They are easily identified by their bright yellow feathers and black cap. We watched them for a few minutes and then I ran to get the camera. I was surprised they stayed so long and I got quite a few good pics.

I don't currently have a finch feeder in the yard so, I'll have to get one. I've read where the finch feeder needs to be placed about 14 feet from the other feeders. So, I have the perfect tree in mind! However, my husband told me that I'd need to take down another feeder that is already in that tree.  He said that our yard is beginning to border "crazy bird lady" territory

I don't think we're even close to, I'm going to get a new finch feeder tomorrow! Check back soon for more fabulous finch fotos



  1. So beautiful. I am interested in bird feeding. I am totally new to it. I have a backyard which is completely empty. It would help me if u could tell where to start

  2. A songbird mix brings pretty birds to any yard. Also, a suet cake & cage is a very inexpensive start. Give it a couple of days and the birds will find your feeders. Let me know how it goes!