Sunday, May 7, 2017

Front Porch Birding on a Sunday afternoon

Today was such a great day! Absolutely beautiful weather and it was a great day for being (a little) lazy and bird watching! I snapped several pictures of cardinals and woodpeckers. 

It seemed like the birds flocked to our yard all afternoon so it was quite enjoyable....except for one occasional husband! He spent the day sneaking up behind me and scaring the crap outta me! In this pic, I felt him lurking so I flipped my phone camera around and got this pic! He always knows how to make me laugh!  

I got really excited when I saw him setup the tripod and started snapping some pictures. He always takes better pictures than me so, I poured a drink, grabbed my iPad, and moved over a chair for him to sit down. He looked at me and said...

"Don't get too excited. I'm not staying out here with you....there's a hockey game on!" 
(And he was gone!)

Oh well, he took a few great pics and set me up for a day on the porch! He's a pretty good guy!

Here are a few of the pics we snapped today.

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